Meet your instructor

If not you as a mom who else will do it for your child ? This is Vidhyas saying for self motivation.

Vidhya holds a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from PSG TECH Coimbatore and worked in companies like CTS, Facebook and Uber. She also brings over 10 years of hands-on experience in teaching young minds.

Her deep passion for fostering the holistic development of young children is evident in her teaching philosophy, which places emphasis on play-based learning, exploration, and a strong partnership with parents and caregivers.

Welcome to our Childbirth and Early Childhood Education program.

A place where learning begins with nurturing care and thoughtful guidance. At the heart of our educational journey is vidhyashree Ravi a dedicated and experienced early childhood educator who has dedicated her career to creating a safe, stimulating, and inspiring environment for young learners.

A Nurturing Environment

Vidhyas warm and nurturing approach ensures that every child feels safe, loved, and valued in our program. She creates an atmosphere where children are encouraged to explore, ask questions, and express themselves freely, fostering their self-esteem and confidence.

Parent Partnership

Vidhya strongly believes in the importance of a strong partnership between educators and parents. She values open communication, welcomes parental input, and provides resources and guidance to support families in their child’s early education journey.

Join us in celebrating the transformative power of early childhood education with vidhya as your child’s guide. Together, we’ll inspire a lifelong love for learning and provide a strong foundation for future success.

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