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VidhyasMomsnest Online Classes are conducted through Google Meet. For participants who have registered successfully, Google Meet Invite Link will be sent to the Email ID  provided by the Participants during registration.  If you haven’t received the Meeting Invite within 24 hrs then please mail to [email protected] with the payment invoice.

VidhyasMomsnest Online Class Schedule are usually posted on Wednesday in @vidhyashree_ravi  Instagram stories by 7 PM IST and registration for the classes will be opened on Friday by 6 PM IST for India batch and 4 PM EST for US batch.

VidhyasMomsnest Online Class Registration Link are posted on @vidhyashree_ravi Instagram Stories and in the instagram bio  every Friday Morning around 6 PM IST  for India  batch and 4.00 PM EST for US batch

Once available Slots are over, the Registration link will provide a 404 blank page or would have been removed.

If you have not received a Payment Mail confirmation with a Payment ID , then payment you have made has failed, the money you paid is still with your Bank . This amount will be auto-refunded to you by your Bank within 7 working days.

After successful payment, if you have not received a payment mail confirmation with a Payment ID then there is a good chance that you might have misspelled your Email ID. Please contact [email protected] with the Name and Phone Number used for registration, otherwise the meeting invite will be sent to the misspelled Email ID. 

Most of the courses run for 2 – 5 days. For personal reasons, if you are not able to attend the class then please send a cancellation request along with the payment invoice to [email protected] before 24 hours of the 1st day of the scheduled class timing. Refund will be initiated if the cancellation request is received before 24 hours. No refunds would be initiated if the request is received after the cutoff time and there is no exception to this policy.Refund will take 5-7 business days to credit the amount back to your account

Most of the courses will run for 2 to 5 days. Refunds are not provided for missing one session and this point in time there are no class recordings provided to the participants.

At this point in time, there is no option to pre-book or pre-register for classes.

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