Vidhyashree Ravi

Early Child Educator, Certified ChildBirth Instructor &Infant massage instructor ( IAIM )

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Welcome to our Childbirth and Early Childhood Education program.

A place where learning begins with nurturing care and thoughtful guidance. At the heart of our educational journey is vidhyashree Ravi a dedicated and experienced early childhood educator who has dedicated her career to creating a safe, stimulating, and inspiring environment for young learners.

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Childbirth and breastfeeding

I call “birthing a natural way” is a mindset challenge and One needs to be very strong in it which is a foundation for a normal labor.

Parenting the first year

In the first year of parenting, your focus should primarily be on building a strong emotional bond with your baby through bonding.

Rightbrain stimulation

Stimulating the right brain is of paramount importance due to its multifaceted role in cognitive and emotional development.

Unlock reading - Phonics way

Phonics is essential for beginner readers as it teaches the connection between letters and their sounds.

Math - Montessori way

Montessori math education is significant for several compelling reasons. At its core, this approach emphasizes concrete learning experiences.

Creative writing

This course explores the fundamentals of creative writing, including fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. Through readings, discussions, and writing exercises, students will develop their writing skills and explore various forms and techniques.

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