Meet your instructor

Elakkiya Soundararajan

I am Elakkiya Soundararajan, a Certified Handwriting Expert, Educator, and Fine Artist. Being a continuous learner and creator after my Masters in Engineering, I started working with college students as a full-time Assistant Professor for 4years and with school kids as a guest teacher 3yrs.


Handwriting, often underestimated in its power has a remarkable ability to instill and enhance confidence among individuals. With a passion for the art of penmanship and a commitment to nurture beautiful, legible writing I am here to guide the little champs on a transformative journey towards improving their handwriting.

My Approach

My teaching approach is structured personalized and focused on gradual improvement with fun and engaging in a small group set up. So join us lets together to explore the finer points of cursive as well as print not just ensuring a legible handwriting but also a style that you are proud to call your own.

Meet your instructor

Athirai Karthi

I am Athirai Karthi, mom of a 6 month old boy,teaching Rubix cube in momsnest for the past one year.I am Psychologist and Rubix cube trainer.I did my Applied Psychology in PSG College of arts and science, Coimbatore.

I totally learnt 50 types of cubes of different shapes and patterns.I hav 6+ years of experience in teaching Rubix cube…I conducted many workshops in schools for children.The results were very much encouraging because Rubix cube has now replaced gadgets in their life.

Benefits of solving Rubix cube

After completing my post-graduation,I got an opportunity to learn Rubix cube and that fascinated me.
Solving Rubix cube has lot of benefits.It improves reflexes,ability to identify pattern increases,faster hand-eye coordination, Problem solving ability increases,Self improvisation and much more.Acquiring all these abilities I had an inclination that each and every kid should learn this and get benefited out of it.


So far I hav trained 700+ Students online…The youngest student of mine is 3.5 yrs….Only thing tat helps students in learning Rubix is consistency and Practice….My best time solve for 3*3 is 22 secs…I hav participated in 6 international competitions (GIST,WOIS,MIST,SIST,WCA) and won 23 trophies and 4 Mentor shield and 8 medals…

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